You’ve splashed out on a family photo session and now it’s time to choose your favourites. They’re all so beautiful you can’t decide, you want them all, but do you really need them? And what will you do with them all anyway?


There are so many answers that come to mind when I’m asked this question but the first and foremost for me is the sense of belonging photographs give to our children.

vanessa fraser Hall with 16x20 and four 8x10 cluster landscape

Photographs of the whole family, with their siblings and individual ones of themselves throughout the house remind kids of how important they are. It can give them a confidence boost when they need it most.

couch oconnors with 16x20 and four 8x10 cluster landscape

It’s really important that we are in these photos too, not only does it show our children that we value ourselves it adds to the feeling that they are part of something special.

Hall with 16x20 and two 8x10 cluster portrait

Of course little children love seeing photos of themselves and the people they love. As they get older our kids often need a reminder that they do fit in somewhere, and photographs can provide a strong but silent message to teenagers that no matter what happens in the outside world they are still loved.

Hall with six 8x10 cluster portrait

So get those photos up on your walls. Put albums on your coffee table. Spread the love!

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