Hi there I’m Amanda Stoneham, Owner & Photographer at Amanda Meryle Photography.

For those of you who want to know a little more about me here goes.

I grew up in Hurstbridge, a little bit of country not too far from the big city. I walked to school. I had a horse (or 2). I rode my bike around the unmade roads. I loved to read and tell stories. I loved to take photos. And I learnt to drive in a time and place where the speed limits were all 100 (I’m giving away my age now!!).

I left school after Year 11 when they told me I had to choose between academic subjects or Photography and decided to educate myself by learning on the job instead. Many years later I returned to study Arts at Deakin University and nowadays I love attending workshops to expand my knowledge of all things Photography amongst other things.

Like most people my age I’ve known great joy and tragic loss.  I’ve struggled with self confidence. I’ve had amazing times and I’ve also been through lows I thought I wouldn’t survive. But I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of these experiences and I’m grateful for the compassion and knowledge I’ve gained along the way.

These experience have made me more passionate than ever about capturing photos. Losing my best friend at 32 and years later my mum at 64 just weeks after falling ill made me realise how short life is. It also showed me how important it is to capture moments with us in them; so that our families, our friends and our children will always have our image at their fingertips should they ever need it.   

On a lighter note my favourite food is chocolate, I love the colour purple and pandas!  I still love reading and one day I will write a book about something!

My values are simple. I believe we need to stay true to ourselves in order to live a life that makes us happy and proud, and to show our children how to grow up resilient, kind and with a strong belief in themselves.

I feel very blessed to work with so many lovely women and families to record your special moments and turn them into photographs that tell your story.