This was one of those sessions where business and pleasure collide and make it hard to tell when the personal branding finishes and the Celebrate You session starts.

The truth is beautiful Britt is an entrepreneur whose passion lays in building up other women.

One way she does this is through her fitness training classes where mums bring baby to class with them while they train.

But it’s another income stream that we focus on here, one whose philosophy is to make women feel good, every day, and what better way to start than beneath their day clothes.

Britt is a Bra Fit Specialist who can fit you physically or virtually as well as show you a beautiful range of lingerie and classic pieces that will flatter and leave you feeling beautiful.

Let’s face it there is nothing more special than the confidence that comes from wearing a sexy bra and briefs even when no one else is going to see them.

Today Britt stepped way outside her comfort zone for her mission when she spent a couple of hours in front of my camera in her underwear!

Let’s give Britt a big round of applause for showing up and stepping out for her clients, and herself.

If you’d like to feel this good CLICK HERE to book a free call with me and lets chat.

Of course if you need some gorgeous, well fitted lingerie to help notch up your confidence I know just the lady to help!