Recently I mentioned taking a moment out of your day to meditate in the garden, whether that be sitting cross legged in silence, reading a book or doing some gardening.

Today being Mother’s Day I want to delve a little deeper and explore why this is so important, particularly to all the Mums in business who are constantly giving their all, juggling kids, family, friends, work and more.

Of course it doesn’t have to be meditation and it doesn’t have to be in your garden, given this wet wintry Melbourne day I could think of plenty of other places that are warm and cosy and much more inviting.

But whether you choose meditation or something else, time out to look after your nervous system is vital to being productive in your life, and in your business. Like my coach, Megan Jaworski taught us this morning during our group call, we need to all become ‘Nervous System Warriors’.


In a nutshell it means we need to look after ourselves better. Note I didn’t use the word ‘should’ here because it’s not something we’re supposed to do, it’s way more than that. Taking care of ourselves is essential to our overall health, wellbeing and our business success.



Setting boundaries, trusting ourselves and turning our integrity inward are just a few ways we can improve our nervous system.

That might look like trusting when we need a break and actually taking it, no matter what is going on in our business or around us. It might mean being honest with ourselves about what we need and setting boundaries to make sure we get it.

If we put ourselves and our needs high on our list of values, and we actually ask for help if we need it we’ll be helping our own nervous system so then we have more to give, to our families, to our friends and in our business. It means filling our own bucket first, because we all know we can’t pour from an empty bucket.



🔯  Sit down and have a rest, enjoy a cuppa, listen to some music or read a book.

🔯 Go for a walk or a run, enjoy the silence or listen to a podcast.

🔯 Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water.

🔯 Surround yourself with a community of people who get you, and always raise you up, not put you down.

🔯 Call your friends, go out for dinner, catch up just for fun.

🔯 Work in and on your business during your peak productivity times

🔯 Get plenty of sleep

🔯 Create content for social media and marketing when you’re at your most creative

🔯 Invest in yourself and your business. Outsource what you’re not so good at (or don’t like) and allow time for what you love

🔯 Meditate, journal, take time out to reflect on who you are and what you need as a person.

🔯 Detach your identity from people, material things or your job.

🔯 Dream of a future filled with everything that you love.

🔯 Work with professionals when it makes sense. Don’t try to do it all alone. That goes for your mental and physical health, the housework and your business needs.

🔯 Book a Personal Branding or Celebrate You Portrait Session with me, and give your confidence that extra boost it needs. This is an investment in you, your business and your future.


Let’s start today, pick something off this list, or whatever else it is you need to put yourself first, and let’s all become Nervous System Warriors together.


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