Way before blogging was a thing my boss at the time came into the office all excited about a book launch he’d gone to.  “You would have loved it Amanda” he said and then he went on to tell me how I should be a blog writer.

You can imagine my expression – what the hell was a blog? What was he suggesting? That I leave my safe, secure job of many years to go write fairytales on the web. I just laughed and went back to the email I was editing for him.

But it planted a seed, even if that seed was one that took more than a decade to germinate.

Fast forward to 2021 and the day before Short Circuit Lockdown No.4 point something or other. I’m at my wits end after having to indefinitely postpone another 4 photoshoots.

May be an image of 1 person and indoor

I feel done, like the future is so uncertain I have no business making plans for it any longer. Reeling from the news that this snap lockdown starts at midnight I call an emergency virtual meeting with my business coach. And she reminds me of the new package I’ve been creating. The one where I introduce copywriting along with the photos to help clients who struggle to write content.

It’s a lightbulb moment. I love photography but writing has always been my first love so why am I not already doing it?

And so without further ado I’m officially adding copywriting to the ways I can be of service to you.

So if you’re stuck for words or need someone to turn your notes into a blog, shoot me a message or give me a call, and let’s get your idea out of your head and turn it into a story.