One of my missions in life and through my business is to encourage, educate and empower others to stand up and shine bright.

And they’re not just words or some meaningless marketing ploy.

This mission comes from living much of my life in fear of being noticed, so much so that I mostly stayed in the shadows, trying to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

The classic Australian tall poppy syndrome you might say, maybe even taken to the extreme.

I had a happy childhood.  My parents loved me very much and looked after me well.

All while teaching me to be conservative and cautious and not draw attention to myself.

Mum and dad were very traditional and risk aversive. I was taught strong work ethics but at the same time it was instilled in me not to expect any kind of recognition or reward.

It was greedy to want more – more money than I needed, more praise or more of anything.

I was told to dress a certain way if I wanted to be liked.

I was taught not to speak too loudly in case I stood out for the wrong reasons.

It was best to keep my opinion to myself, to keep my head down so no one noticed me.

I stayed quiet in class when I finished my work first (and I was always first). I didn’t want anyone to look at me and see that I was faster than them. Because that might mean I was smarter than them. And that would be showing off.

So I stayed quiet and safe. I made myself as small as possible and stayed well out of the limelight.

And I did that for almost 50 years before I found the courage to find my voice, and to start changing the habits of a lifetime to be able to finally use that voice.

Having my own family was a huge turning point for me. The older they get the more I want to show my children that life is meant to be lived big rather than avoided.

Rules are sometimes meant to be broken. Risks are meant to be taken.

That standing out is more than okay; in fact standing up for our beliefs is essential to our wellbeing, and sometimes the wellbeing of those around us too.

It’s even okay to shout about our success from the rooftop. And to hope that others will cheer us on while we’re doing it. But also to know that if they don’t it doesn’t matter because we don’t need their approval to live our best life.

And that is why I want to encourage, educate and empower you to have this life too.

I want to help you show up and shine bright. To help you feel proud instead of scared. To fill your cup so you feel confident rather than insecure.

I want you to learn how to show off your talents and use your superpowers to be the best, and happiest, version of yourself possible.

I want to put you in that spotlight and cheer you on to a life of success and fulfilment.

And that is my mission.