You’re all set to get professional photos. You’ve managed to get hubby and all 4 kids dressed and out the door. You turn up to the studio ready to get some awesome photos for the family portrait wall only to be met with what feels like a major hurdle.  Your youngest son has decided he’s not going to be in any of the photos.o'connor family 031216 (6)Don’t stress, that’s my job. I want you to just relax, as much as possible anyway, and let me figure out how to get ALL of the family in the shot because as well as getting some fabulous family photos I want you to have a bit of fun. I want you to enjoy the session.DSC_1109And the best thing about having fun is that when Mr 4 sees everyone else enjoying themselves he’ll most likely want to join in anyway. If that doesn’t work I have a few tricks up my sleeve including group tickles or tackles which usually solve the problem. If all else fails a little bribery can go a long way to getting what we want.o'connor family 031216 (7)Then there are those times when it’s just not meant to be and the ‘perfect’ photo doesn’t happen. That’s when it’s important to remember that family photos are about YOUR family and not about being traditionally ‘perfect’. Sometimes THE photo is the one where everyone is looking at each other. Or hugging each other. Or piled on top of each other. These are the photos that capture all the personalities that make up your family!

Of course there’s a very good chance we will get that one where everyone is looking too!family 12x12 pageThe best family photo is the one you love most. The one that goes up on the wall!