You really want a new profile photo but keep putting it off because you know you’ll hate it. You’re not photogenic, photos make you feel (and look) uncomfortable, you’re too old, too thin, don’t know what to wear… believe me I get it! I hate having my photo taken too. But there are plenty of things you can do to look your best whether you’re doing a selfie, having a friend take your photo or getting a professional portrait.

These tips work even if you’re using your phone for a selfie but I do suggest using a selfie stick to make it easier. Alternatively you could try propping your phone against something and set the timer, yes your phone does have one, this came as a great surprise to me when I found out recently thanks to a friend.

Tip 1 – it’s all about that bass, actually no it’s not! It’s really all about that light. The easiest way to get your light right is to stand facing a window, if it’s too bright step back or cover the window with sheers or a white shower curtain.

Tip 2 – Check the background for clutter. Make sure there’s nothing weird sticking out of your head or behind you.

Tip 3 – Stand or sit on the edge of a chair so you’re not slouching. Roll your shoulders to relax them and sit or stand up straight.

Tip 4 – pull your head up tall (like someone is pulling up on a puppet string), jut your chin forward and down a little. Make sure you don’t tuck your chin in towards your chest though

Tip 5 – wear something a little more fitted so it shows off your curves. We all think a flowing dress or top hides our lumps and bumps but it often does the opposite resulting in making us look wide and shapeless

Tip 6 – look natural. Okay that’s easier said than done. Think of something funny. Have someone tell you a joke. Maybe think of the last naughty thing you did… this works best if you’re going for a bit of cheek in your photo! Repeat the word rhubarb at least 10 times. You’ll be amazed how funny this will be!

Tip 7 – if all these tips sound amazing but you know you’ll never remember to do them and take your photo at the same time then maybe it’s time to book yourself a professional headshot.

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Don’t forget to share your results as I’d love to see what worked for you!

Here’s to your best new profile pic yet!!